Silent Knight~Sneak peek

She could feel his presence behind her just moments before he was there.
By then, it was too late.

She felt her skin begin to flush, sensing his presence in the room.

“Good evening Sir,” she replied as she felt his firm grasp on the back of her neck.

“Hello kitten. I want you to hold perfectly still tonight, and do not utter one sound, or no rewards for my pet. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir,” she replied, her voice filled with anticipation.

What would Sir do tonight, she thought to herself.

She could feel her pussy getting wet and warm, and she craved his touch.

He moves closer, his breath hot and moist on her neck. He whispers, “good girl” in her ear, and then slides his rough hand down the length of her arm.


“You smell very nice tonight Kitten.”

“Thank you Sir.”

“That’s one, kitten!” Sir said not a sound. His hand worked it way across her stomach, as the grip on the back of her neck began to tighten.

“Against the wall Kitten! ” he commands.

“Ye…,” she stopped just short of the full word, but had he already heard her?… she wondered.

As she walks to a nearby wall, stopping just before it, he whispers,

“That’s Two! My pet, you’re not very good at this game are you?”

Slowly he presses her hard and firm against the wall… guiding her arms above her head, and he whispers in her ear,

“These are mine, and I want them up, got it?”


“Good girl, “he says with approval. “You are starting to understand this game.”


Arms above her head, her silken night-dress begins to open, exposing her firm full breast, and the tiniest of tummy. She was not all sticks and bones, and Sir liked her that way… to him this meant she was a real woman.

Slowly he placed his hand from her stomach to the small of her back, guiding her to take a step back.

“Keep those hands on that wall kitten.”

Following Sir’s guidance, she took one, two, three small steps back, extended from the wall, hands above her head, breast exposed to the night, her gown totally open to him now.

“I like this gown Kitten, didn’t I get that for you?”

She wasn’t going to fall for that again.

She did not reply.

“Good Girl,” he said with a small smile.

In one swift move, raising his hand back, he delivers a hard spank against her ass and then he waits, and listens.

She can feel her desire grow. Sir by her side, one hand firmly placed on her neck, in complete control… the other free to do to her as he pleased. Sir spreads her legs little by little, until she is completely open, exposed arms up, bent at the waist and legs spread, griping the wall for balance.


She could feel the burn on her ass as Sir’s hand lifted the back of her gown. Then another fast spank against her ass, just inches from her aching pussy,
wet and wanton for his touch. You have been a very good girl tonight kitten, Sir is very proud.


*shit*, she thought…

With a deep laugh, sir growled, “That’s Three kitten, NOT A WORD!”

With a single motion he removed his belt.

“Kitten I told you not a single sound tonight, yet you continue to speak. Do you want me to use this belt and mark that perfect ass of yours?”

she thought, YES, YES i do…
but not a word came from her lips.

Moving behind his pet, Sir raised the belt with his right hand, and quickly slipped two finger from his left, deep into his kitty’s warm slick pussy.


Feeling his strong hand work in deep, finding all her secret spots, her breath began to quicken. She had waited for him all night. Sir kept his fingers busy as he dropped to his knees behind his favorite pet.

Freeing his right hand of the belt he reached around to find her swollen clit, and began to work her with both his hands. Slow and deep, with the left fingers pleasing every inch of her from inside, and his right finger making small circles first left– pause then pressure, then right.

She loved how he kept a constant pressure on her clit, unsure of where to focus her mind….on his finger inside? …or on her clit, bursting with pleasure.

Now, in perfect time with her breath, Sir’s hands worked in and out, sliding with ease as he plunged a third finger inside her.

She was so full, feeling the growing pressure within.

He leaned in and began to kiss the back of her knees.

She inhaled deeply, as her legs began to shake under the motion of his kiss, and his tongue worked its way up the back of her leg.

To Be continued……


* I hope you enjoyed our little peek into Sir and Kitties world I’m thinking we should continue our journey with them and see just how far they can go, what do you think shall we?

xo xo


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Born in a vineyard in 1970, napa valley to be exact. Published Poet, International Artist, Cancer survivor and Advocate for young onset Parkinson's disease. "Be brave, Be bold and thrive in the life you have." c.2012
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    Love …patience is not a gift of mine …! Please 🙂 Bxxx

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    I would be horrible at that game…but it’s delicious so far! More please!

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