Such a good girl

With the wave of my hand or the look in my eye you understand.
With the whispered word you embrace the challenge with a girlish smile
That makes me wild.
One pout from baby girl and my defenses run high.
For I am nothing without your gift, just a man with a plan and no one by his side.



This goes out to all the little ones and those in D/s relationships that don’t understand how rewarding it can be. A D does not own what he/she has not been gifted. And for all you littles out there if your daddy won’t say these words to you. It’s time to pack up, because there are true gentlemen in this world. That will reward you like you’ve never seen just for being yourself.



About prewitt1970

Born in a vineyard in 1970, napa valley to be exact. Published Poet, International Artist, Cancer survivor and Advocate for young onset Parkinson's disease. "Be brave, Be bold and thrive in the life you have." c.2012
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9 Responses to Such a good girl

  1. ĽAdelaide says:

    as a woman sexually abused from babyhood, I can “hear” this all except reference to “daddy”. if 1 in 3 women are abused at some point in their young lives usually by a man in their lives, I cannot help but wonder how this works in ALL its many facets of experience. are women hiding or taken advantage or surprised to discover feelings they ran from. I can only speak from the female perspective with little experience tho some. surprise! 🙂

    • prewitt1970 says:

      I certainly understand, this message is not about staying trapped but realizing the strength you have and understanding that there are ppl in this world that see the submissive types both male and female as treasured gifts not objects to be abused and kept. But nurtured and revered.

  2. ĽAdelaide says:

    meant only to be food for thought. xox

  3. Kayla Lords says:

    B – you are absolutely right. If he doesn’t make his girl feel amazing in her submission, she has to run from it. Even those who get off on the humiliation/service aspects of submission should still feel good about what they’re doing.

  4. Robyn Lee says:

    I read this online somewhere, and it resonated better for me:

    “____who pointed out a GREAT perspective for those who are not into the whole
    degradation scene but who are still exploring their submissive side: Not all
    submission is to do with “naughty/bad” stereotypes; in fact I think there’s a
    fully parallel stream that is “noble submission,” that is, submission as a
    vaunted and praised act. Every thing I do to submit is because I am a good wife,
    not a bad/dirty one.” ~

  5. Robyn Lee says:

    I liked them too~ nice post 🙂

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