I Yearn for you~The Dream**adult content 18+**

I had a dream last night;
You came to me
in ribbons of silk, red satin,
leather and lace.

My body longed
for your embrace,
and my mind desired
your loving

I remember your hand
tracing down my shirtless chest
as you asked,
“Sir, may I touch your hips?”
Feeling your hand wander further,
your palm pressed to my hipbone;
I allowed your lips to roam.

I felt your soft caress
while my cock grew hard
in your hands;
Your silken lips kissed my flesh,
licking a slick trail down my body.

Hard in your hands,
I yearned for your eyes to look up.
“Look at me, my pet” I requested, as you stroked me
in perfect rhythm, and your eyes fixated on mine.
“Yes …Sir?” you responded with a questioning tone in your voice.

“Take me in your mouth my Kitten,
I want you to finish what you’ve started.”
“Yes, Sir” you said, with a shy pleasure in your smile.
I breathed deeply, feeling the wet of your tongue
meet the tip of my cock,
watching… as you knelt before me.
You slid your tongue from my tip and slowly down,
glancing up at me intermittently, just to see if I enjoyed.

Your knowing hands never missed a beat, as your lips
wrapped around me, taking me, thirstily, in your mouth.
“Such a good girl,” I whispered as I sank all the way in…so warm and soft.

I could feel your passion and want to please, your pace growing
faster and faster, stroking me firmly with your hand, each time I left your throat,
and pausing only once to smile and giggle as you licked the sweet pre-cum
from my hard and hungry cock.

My thoughts grew wild as I embraced
the back of your head with one hand slowing your tempo,
“Not to fast Kitten, Sir wants to enjoy your perfection.
Now come closer my pet, I want to feel you next to me. ”
You eagerly joined me on the bed.

Your hips firm against my shoulders
With one hand on your head,
guiding my cock deep in your mouth,
the other finds it way
up your thigh.

I love distracting you from your task.
The softness of your silk under the warm
strength of my hand, as I slide my
fingers beneath your panties.

The wetness of your pussy
makes me hungry for your taste.
Sliding my fingers against you,
cupping you in my hand, I whisper,
“This is all mine Kitten.”

I worked my fingers up the entire length of you,
spreading your tender lips with two fingers,
as my thumb draws perfect circles on your clit. Then,
I slipping two fingers deep inside you with forceful ease.

The feeling of your tight, warm liquid pussy almost makes me come as
you work hard on my cock, keeping perfect time with your steady stroke.
I find your spot and stay glued to you inside deep …fingers hooked…
massaging you from the inside out.

“Come here Kitten, I want you to come with me tonight.”
With an excited smile you slip you panties off, adding another pillow
beneath my head. You take me back in your mouth as I move under your body,
running my hands up your thighs to meet your perfect hips.

I pull you down to my waiting mouth, opening wide to lick all of you
starting at you clit, slowing only to part you with my tongue.
A long slow lick and suck, “you taste lovely my pet,” I whisper,
while I feel the pressure building deep in my pelvis.

With great care, I lock my mouth to your wanton clit, grazing it
With my teeth as I suck, lick and nibble in rhythm with your masterful
sucking of my cock. I grow so tender as I graze the back
of your throat.

Sliding one, then two… then three fingers
deep in you as you work my cock,
I can’t help but pound my hips
against you.

Faster, I lick your clit in flawless circles, as my fingers greet your pulsating hips each time.
My free arm holds you tight against my mouth keeping you locked tight onto my jaw.
I will not finish until you fill my mouth with your cum, while grinding your pussy hard into my face and call out my name.
I begin to feel your back tighten as my thumb finds your ass and my fingers go deeper, while my wicked tongue strokes every perfect fold with constant motion, and precise pressure, I continue licking and sucking as I slide my fingers in and out, in and out.

Finally I feel my need to release and push hard against your head, as you suck my cock in perfect time.
“You know my body so well Kitten,” I say as you drive me deep in your throat, running your hand over my balls as a low groan gathers deep in my throat. Hmmm “so good” I think as I pull you tight to my mouth, and I can feel your breath begin to faulter as you know I’m about to come.

Grinding hard against my face I can feel you begin to come, your spasms tightening around my fingers, while I work firm and constant pressure on your spot. As you sit back to come, stroking my cock with both hands, I cup your breast in each of my hands pinching your nipples as hard as you can take, “Oh, Sir… fuck—yes!”

Then, I explode up my stomach and chest as you quickly lower your mouth and suck all the cum from my cock, stroking and sucking hard, making sure to swallow every last drop.

Pulling you next to me and resting your head against my now-clean stomach, I hold you strong in my arms.
Stroking your silky hair, I tell you what a “good girl” you are, and that you’ve made Sir very happy today.

I don’t always like to fall asleep with my pet, but tonight was special I’ll hold her in my arms all night,
and dream of a better day to come….


Bisous 😉


About prewitt1970

Born in a vineyard in 1970, napa valley to be exact. Published Poet, International Artist, Cancer survivor and Advocate for young onset Parkinson's disease. "Be brave, Be bold and thrive in the life you have." c.2012
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  1. sjw2014 says:

    Oh boy… Definitely a spare panties required read. Fabulous B absolutely bloody fabulous

    S xx

  2. scienerf says:

    Wow, that got my heart racing this morning…..words fail me! xx

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