I Crave…(posted exactly 1 year ago today)

Can you feel my breath
As I whisper your name
In to the night.
Does my touch electrify
Your skin as I trace one finger
Down your spine.
Do you crave
The taste of my mouth
As our lips meet.
Tongues melt , lips quiver
Do you dream of racing hearts
Beating as one as you call into
The night..
I crave
your touch
Your taste
I crave




About prewitt1970

Born in a vineyard in 1970, napa valley to be exact. Published Poet, International Artist, Cancer survivor and Advocate for young onset Parkinson's disease. "Be brave, Be bold and thrive in the life you have." c.2012
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10 Responses to I Crave…(posted exactly 1 year ago today)

  1. Kayla Lords says:

    Beautiful! I crave now, too…thanks a lot. 😉

  2. mirabella says:

    So pretty love… but not satisfied! Left craving more… always more! Never get too much of a good thing si?! Much love, and of course hugs!! Bxx

  3. Sensual Desires says:


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