Sir and Kitty part 3~the reunion**adult situations

Let me do it this way…..
“Come in please,” said Sir as Kitty stood before him. “You look lovely my dear.” “Thank you Sir. May I come closer?” Sir, with a cold look in his eyes, “Sure Kitty. Two steps in, and face the wall… Now!”
Kitty always knew this day would come. Sir would want to inspect his prize without warning, or prior request.
“Have you been a good girl Kitty?” Without as spoken word, she nods, knowing full well she has not been given permission to speak, and the dance has already begun. She can feel her lips start to warm.
“Such a good girl Kitty. Remembering the rules after so long…you may speak tonight, sweet girl.”
“Thank you, Sir. Have you been well, Sir? I’ve missed you these long months since you’ve been gone. Will you stay long, Sir?”
Sir never stayed longer than the job required, as he made enemies in all places, low and high, it was always better to leave. Without a word, Sir removed his tie, and wrapped it around Kitty’s eyes, then placed her hands with a slap against the wall.
Tonight, Kitty had her hair up in a Japanese style-bun, wearing a beautiful red and black silk gown. Her dress was tight, as it gripped Kitty’s perfect form in every way. From her lips to hips, and down to the floor. With Kitty’s hands now firmly placed against the apartment wall, Sir, sliding his feet against Kitty’s, slowly started to push her feet apart. Slowly, as her legs began to spread, she could feel Sir’s hands on her, his hot breath against the back of her bare neck. As if like clockwork, her dress began to raise, as her legs continued to spread. Kitty’s French stockings and garters start to slip from her gown.
“You look lovely tonight my dear. Red and black, a very nice choice.” “Thank you, Sir,” replies Kitty. “Shhhhhh, Kitty,” whispers Sir, “save your words. You have a lot of explaining to do. But for now, this is mine.” Sir says, as his fingers slip inside Kitty’s silken lips, sliding in deep to knuckles, and past. Slick with her want, Sir slowly draws them out, and runs them across Kitty’s waiting mouth. “Open up!” Sir growls, as Kitty’s lips quiver, and part ever so gently

Much more to come



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