*Mature audience only please*Gently as the sun began to rise.


She woke with the soft stroke of his hand tracing the length of her arm, his touch, gentle hands waiting for a response, working his way to her neck in one smooth motion, he moves her hair aside exposing her tender neck. Slowing his breath, he leans close with the softest kisses ever, his tongue glides effortlessly across her skin, her taste like nothing else. While his hand travels down her side, grazing her breast, down to her side to where stomach meets her hip. Slowing, his hand runs the length of her hip bone, grips it firmly but gently; she is awake now.

He can tell by the change in her breath. Running his hands down her thighs, so soft and firm, his thoughts wonder. She stays still to see what his next move will be. Kissing down her back, every beautiful curve lower and lower go his lips as he caresses her thigh. Gently she rolls onto her back giving him her breast and the flat of her tummy. His lips make the journey up to her hips, his quick bite takes her breath away as she spreads her legs ever so slightly. Kissing, licking little nibbles working his way up to her breast. He grazes her nipple with his teeth– her pulse quickens. A lick, then a tug, taking her in his mouth, sucking just a little harder each time. Now it’s time for his hands to do their job. One strokes her breast while the other spreads her legs as she softly sighs.

Running his hand down the inside of her thigh, down one side stopping only to tease the outside of her, he kisses her mouth deep and strong, all the while caressing her, teasing. Her hips start to push against his hand each passing time. He gently pushes against her soft wetness and kisses her deeper, biting her lip. His hands, skillful and knowing, spreads her lips. He then sits back on his knees now with one hand caressing her breast firm in his grasp, his other hand working her spot with perfect rhythm, following her pulse. He listens to her breath. Fast little circles, then slow and soft, gliding his other hand down to use both with skill. She can see his excitement grow for he enjoys seeing her pleased.

He moves to position her in front of him, legs gently spread, slightly bent at the knee,. She sighs again as he enters her warm and smooth, his hands work their magic he knows her so well, working one hand in and out while the other works in circles slow and steady. Her breath begins to quicken. He draws himself close so she can grasp him hard against her. Faster his hands go, she pushes harder and harder, pushing him deeper inside her. She moans with joy with each loving stroke, slowly her pressure builds, deeper and deeper she drives her hips against his fingers. He can tell she’s ready. He brings his mouth close enough to her just so she can feel his breath hot on her swelling parts. Her moans growing louder with his fingers deep inside as she pushes her hips his lips meet her wet embrace locking on, her back arches. Such pleasure, such heat as her body tightens in perfect rhythm– a lick, a suck, while his fingers glide. He wants, no he needs her to come.

Breaking his stride, he pulls her close and grasps her legs. She looks at him with passion, fire in her eyes as he spreads her legs and pulls them up over his shoulders, pushing her back against the bed. Oh she wants him so bad. She guides his hard cock into her. He pulls back with just the tip inside her, teasing her and making her ache with such sweetness. He kisses her deeply as he pushes hard all the way deep inside as she arches her hips. He’s so hard, so steady in his efforts to please, with each kiss a stroke until he can feel her start to tighten. Her legs begin to quiver with each rise of him from tip to deep inside, constant, relentlessly pushing deeper and harder.

Then with one long moan, her hands grasping his ass to pull him in , she is almost there. Her body is sweaty, muscles gripping him tight as she calls out his name… on please sir come in me…. His name–that was the key, as she looks into his deep blue eyes– he couldn’t help it, she’s beautiful and he can’t escape her hot velvet grasp as she rocks harder and harder against him.

Deep inside his chest, the moans begin as she strokes against him, her perfect soothing insides caress him as she looks deep in his eyes fuck me, Sir. He releases deep inside her, bending close to kiss her all the while, oh she was magical he thought, he lay beside her, holding her tight against his chest, their hearts beating as one, today will be a good day he’s thought…



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Born in a vineyard in 1970, napa valley to be exact. Published Poet, International Artist, Cancer survivor and Advocate for young onset Parkinson's disease. "Be brave, Be bold and thrive in the life you have." c.2012
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  1. Now that’s an exquisite morning. 😉

  2. otherwomananni says:

    You do leave me breathlessly wanting :-/

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