To tame the Dragon

To tame the Dragon, beast and Bear.

The yearning in your eyes to please draws me in
Captures the wild in me, tames the beasts heart of rage
the smallness of your innocence and purity of need evoke
My knight and guardian, my desires to protect and hold you tenderly
As the fire in your soul and passion in your hips calms my demons
Makes me whole, for is the human heart and soul not halved for all
Time. Is that not why we search the stars and world wide for that one
To whom we confide our darkest desires and purest dreams.

Born in the wrong time and the wrong land
Or simply born to realize that it was. A dream
Of dreams within a heart of someone somewhere
I shared a heart and soul with…
As angels sing.. Calling me home I resist
For my work here isn’t done,
“Oh the things you will see”
And people you will be never give up hope or lose the ability to love.



About prewitt1970

Born in a vineyard in 1970, napa valley to be exact. Published Poet, International Artist, Cancer survivor and Advocate for young onset Parkinson's disease. "Be brave, Be bold and thrive in the life you have." c.2012
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9 Responses to To tame the Dragon

  1. otherwomananni says:

    This^^^ helps!

  2. Chatty Owl says:

    Tears in my eyes..

  3. scienerf says:

    Someone will be dreaming of you and their soul will call you to them. It’s hard to listen sometimes, I’ve pretty much got my fingers in my ears singing ‘La la la not listening’ through fear. But if anyone if strong enough to take those chances, listen and respond to the soul that calls to them it will be you B xx

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