And it begins….. “Welcome home Sir. It’s good to see you again.” Kitty says as the blush begins to stain her cheeks.

Kitten, come over here please. Right now.. Sir commanded…. Kitten turns,.. With grace of tiger masked in the skin of angel and soul of her demons. Sir knew if he didn’t feed her soon she’d wander like she often did. A small grin stirs in Sirs smile, for he knew kittens one weakness. With a flash of her wicked smile and lips he longed for she fawned her eyes at Sir, “Yes Daddy” she replies, like a good girl, sly twinkle in her eye. “Come here kitten I have have story for you tonight.”. “Yes Sir” kitty gleefully exlcaimes as she bounces to meet her Sir. Kitten knows what comes next. Good girls always gets treats with Sir. Kitten smiles to please. Good girl kitten now down on those knees……….story tbc 

Mr.B 2017

*I think Ive stuffed sir into box long enough. Time to be true to my nature once again. Not burnden by flames more baggage and better than ever. Never doubt the damage a fallimg star can do. But this Kind Sir has walked with far more demons and tasted more hell fire than most can even dream. Now it is time to once again command my future.


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Born in a vineyard in 1970, napa valley to be exact. Published Poet, International Artist, Cancer survivor and Advocate for young onset Parkinson's disease. "Be brave, Be bold and thrive in the life you have." c.2012
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