Angelic thoughts

This section of the blog will be dedicated to things of a more spiritual nature, my feeelings on death, religion, spirituality in general and perhaps some of my life and death storys from my life.




Unrequited love song..

How long can love last when it’s kept in box
Hands tied and lips bound by the fragility of life.
Does love not need to be unconfined
To shout it’s voice from the highest high
To be heard each word for what it is
A calling in the night for a tender touch
Just one, with real meaning
Just one, with a sweet kiss that lasts longer
Than a minutes bliss.

This love shouts unheard buried in the depth of
Rubble left left behind, broken and scared
Un repaired yet kind of willing to try
One what level does a bevel become concave
For if it where to perplex could it convex
And realize a silent love is like a white dove
Better to be set free than to be caged and metered
Or stopped by a clock..

Does this love feel the heat of the summer sun for just
One…?Always and forevermore!
Does this love cling to the small words given in bits
And tastes….? It tries as the waxing moon yet
slowly dies for a passions
Son knows only one and must sing from the mountains high
Or sink to the sea and let be what will be.
Love…Love me or set me free…
If one doesn’t feel loved….Then are they truly….?
Or is it just the dust of a dying wind afraid and lustful
But unwilling to give….

Words gathered from around my life and scattered on this page.



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