Devilish Desires

This page is dedicated to erotic poems,thoughts and some spirituality as I do feel that the connections of sensual beings can be a very spiritual experience. It is designed for a mature audience.



Passion always finds a way into our hearts and minds. Be from the lips of lover grazed softly over private parts. Or a book maybe a picture or two. A scent or taste. Remember to let passion lick your lips . It’s good for ya. Keeps the skin flush 😉

***Crazy shit that happens: True story.

Don’t look in that mirror FEAR
For the monster you’ve become
Like a count on a box…..1,2?3,4
What’s in store for a rambling mad man
Van….. Stay away from the van..
Tan or was it white? Plight,flight,fight
To late I’m caught fought ought naught
Creatures delicacy flay display
Horrid evil men, makes me sick
Pick,choose win or loose
Snooze while I wait for the feast to end
Send him home demon fuck you
I’ll walk for the sun knows my name
Warm rain calm cash,better now
Need feed forget until next time
Run…….. I should have run faster……..

Benjamin 1979-80 written 2012

** a secret place to put my thoughts.


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