Because I can

Happy birthday princess


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Little kisses

I’ve missed you kitten
Can’t you see
Why baby girl you’ve
Become a part of me
Such ruby red lips
Think I’ll lip the tips
Or maybe kitten you should
Get down on your knees.
Your eyes always shine so
Delicately as you fill your desires
And mine… Such good girl.
 deserves some little kisses of her own.

KInd Sir and Kitten.

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Because writers write and lovers love

With such gentle touch does this flower open for a taste…
Soft silken petals wet from the morning mist….
Like waking from a warm dream
Embraced and cared for held safe and sound.
Such a feeling comes only from those who truly love us like the morning rain loves the sun or the leaves love the breeze. Oh to be touched deep within the heart without the fear of distrust or jealously.
Such lessons are the hardest after the mirror of innocence is broken. I search deep in my heart and soul to find the strength and love required to quiet these demon so I may stay to watch your flower grow… And bathe in its radiance and warmth forevermore.
B. 2016

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not just today…

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Poetry challenge~ Photo inspired


By what measure does this cloak fall as gently gives way to the night way.
Does this veil guard my eyes from the prying night that stands bold and relentless against the light.
Oh why does this heart fall so quickly to take darkness? I’ll take her by the hand and walk with her, bare her burden and weep in her darkest fold.
This veil, this night….. Only a curtains call away.


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My love~Adult content.**A Reminder

I’m always surprise at how fast your warmth fades from the sheets once your gone. Your soft scent lingers on the pillow cases and ties that bind.
Hard memories linger with a soft Hollywood focus as your taste settles on my beard and I dream of the time I may kiss your velvet lips once again and whisper “your mine” as you tighten around me.
Your whispered words, electrify my soul, feeding a fire only your touch can ease. For you are my everything, all I desire and all I could have dreamed of.
Thank you.

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Your curves *An ode to the muse**Re-Post

Tracing the lines of your body
Has never felt so right
A hundred muses in a life time
Pale to the beauty of you silken skin

The arch of you back as the brush
Gently slides into place
Long strokes slow and steady
Finding a rhythm tuned only for you

Body slick with the paint of the night
Each breath finding its place on a lovers
Kisses deep and tender as hands clasp
The canvas
Tracing down the length of your body
Every detail, fold and curve left swollen
With passions fire and painters desire.
Never before has passion be so bold
Splashes of color explode across
Your landscape a perfect symphony
Of motion and light.



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